Our Specialties

Each physician at Linden Surgical Center is highly specialized and trained in the newest
surgical techniques. They have expert knowledge in performing a wide spectrum of surgical
and non-surgical procedures. To learn more, please select a category below.


Improper body mechanics, trauma, and structural abnormalities can injure the spine and lead to back pain and/or leg pain and numbness. There are many non-invasive options to repair and treat the majority of back pain problems. However, when all non-surgical techniques such as physical therapy have been exhausted, surgery may be considered.

Common spine surgeries performed at Linden Surgical Center include:

  • Scoliosis Surgery
  • Minimally Invasive Back Surgery

    The three most common minimally invasive back surgeries are:

  • Artificial Disc Replacement

Spine and Neurosurgeons at Linden Surgical Center: